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Visual Mapping for Creators


Turn Work Into Play…

Organize Things the way you Imagine them

We are hardwired to process visual information faster than anything else. With ThoughtFlow Maps, go visual faster than ever.

Present your Ideas and Information as real world concepts, relate them, and visualize them from a perspective that is suitable for the task at hand.


Use it as your Handy Database

  • Think of Concepts that make up your world to create a Structure. For example,
    • A Website is made up of Pages, Content, Links etc
    • A Company is made up of Teams, PeopleRoles etc
  • Relate Concepts the way you talk about them
    • Website is composed of Pages
    • Link redirects to a Page
    • Person plays a Role
  • Add field for more details
    • Website:  Domain Name
    • Person: Name, Email

Visualize your work on a Mindmap

  • Breakdown complex concepts into smaller parts
  • Get a birds-eye view of your entire system
  • Zoom into a specific context as you would do on a Google Map

Use it as a Spreadsheet

  • Visualize information in a Tabular form
  • Define computed fields using Formulas
  • Sort and Prioritize to make better decisions

What will you Create Today?

Kickstart your journey with this short video to get you started

  So… Whats on your Mind?

Go ahead.. Play around